Writing a resume 101

Pile after pile.

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Be professional. Employers use resumes as a way to quickly screen potential applicants, selecting only the individuals they feel are right for the position, so making sure your resume is in tip-top shape is absolutely vital.

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That means if you send out resumes for job listings, each and every one of those resumes will be different. In a couple of days, it transformed from a jumbled mess into a streamlined professionally written document of which I can be proud.

They will stand out in an ocean of words.

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Mike's Tip: While Times New Roman may have been the tried, tested and true choice of job seekers for the last few decades, we recommend giving it a pass. Write your name in bold in a text size which is larger than the body text of the resume. HR managers will be able to glean the most important information about you in one glance. In fact, you should know that a lot of companies today are using Applicant Tracking Systems to help them screen resumes and find the best candidates. To highlight a mass of figures that show progressive positive growth, I occasionally use tables. Our recently updated and free resume builder will create the perfect resume in just a few minutes. Weigh the pros and cons very seriously. The first rule of layout is, keep it clean and clear. Previous experience will make up the largest portion of your resume. In exceptional cases, however, the functional format is best for writing a skills-based resume. This is just a small sampling of what can go in this section. However, do not embellish! It is typically the preferred application document in English-speaking Europe and the academic world. If your resume is sloppy or has unprofessional font, odds are those 20 seconds are going to end with you in the trash. An average resume is a listing of your contact data, job history and responsibilities.

Understands what you need. San-serif fonts are also often used and are characterized as being simpler and no-frills.

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How To Make A Resume (Examples Included)