Writing a program note for a play

There is a lack of extant research into program notes per se. The quality of the individual notes varies considerably, but they are generally well-researched and fact-checked.

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Bear in mind that anytime you do this, you are stealing—intellectual theft is no different than any other kind. There are implications for program note writers and readers, and for educators.

Seventeen contemporary composers, all of whom had written musical works for one of our three contemporary classical music projects, were asked to respond to a series of questions about their thinking on program note writing.

Views on the intent and content of the program note appear in a range of writing beyond the scholarly literature. These relations are illustrated in a model. Finally, data were displayed in a way that is conceptually pure, making distinctions that are meaningful and which provide interesting content.

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In particular, the study sought to understand the intended recipient, role and the content of composer-written program notes. Results and Discussion We structure the results and discussion according to the three emergent themes.

Many contemporary composers will include analyses on their websites, but always think about whether or not this material is going to be useful for your readers. Notes on the score - Some scores will include quite bit of information about the piece: sometimes a program note by the composer, or an indication of who commissioned the work and when it was first performed.

We explore this complexity in the next section. Grove is the standard English-language dictionary of music, with thoroughly authoritative, and fairly up-to-date articles written by recognized experts.

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Sample Program Notes