What is a running head in a research paper

What are the requirements? If your paper title is already within the character limit, simply use the full title as the running head—no special changes are needed.

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In general, running heads should be brief. A running head is a short version of the paper title that is printed as a heading at the top of each page.

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In APA style, the running head is placed in the upper left. To achieve brevity, these titles typically include abbreviations, even if the main title does not or cannotbased on journal guidelines.

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References Hume-Pratuch, Jeff. Practical tips for writing running heads in Microsoft Word How to get a character count? APA guidelines require that running heads be a maximum of 50 characters spaces count as characters. Of course, this task may be easier for papers with a narrower and more descriptive focus, such as review articles. Unlike for the manuscript title itself, being catchy is not a priority for a running title. The following is an example of effective title abridgment, drawn from a recently published article Lambert et al. However, if your paper title is over the limit, then you need to create a distinct running head that fits within the style guidelines. However, if the main title is brief enough, it can function as the running head as well. We hope that this editing tip has clarified what a running title is and how to approach writing one.

Modifying the header on any page changes it on every page. The running head may also be used in RSS feeds and mobile applications instead of the frequently more unwieldy main title.

Practical tips for writing running heads in Microsoft Word How to get a character count?

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APA running head example