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When brain drain is prevalent in a developing country, there may be some negative repercussions that can affect the economy.

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Others include; Nepotism, Institutional Politics, Political reasons, Unavailability of opportunities in respective fields. Many Indians are CEOs in top companies, politicians and beaurocrats in various govts. Nigeria The civil war in Nigeria is one of the main reasons for Brain Drain in the country.

As India is one of the largest producer of food but a large portion of population is suffering from malnutrition.

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At present, countries like India, Pakistan and Russia are the sufferers of this problem and losing their talent very rapidly. All this must be stopped and a person must get job based on his merit and ability. Brain drain does more harm than is visible from an outer view. Bhavin: To stop this dangerous phenomenon of brain drain, government tried to discourage doctors from migrating by not issuing no objection certificates. An example of this is Swiss-List. Brain drain for the nation from which the emigrants leave to settle into the nation that promises better work opportunities becomes brain gain for the latter. The Brain Drain Loss The country that experiences brain drain suffers a loss.

Fair Promotion Many bosses have a liking for certain employees and a dislike for others. Several common causes precipitate brain drain on the geographic level including political instability, poor quality of life, limited access to health care, and a shortage of economic opportunity.

Will it serve the purpose of developing the nation? And the government should also make it a better place both for students and professionals. First, expertise is lost with each emigrant, diminishing the supply of that profession.

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As discussed, some brain drain results from the stage of education only when individuals move to other nations offering better educational courses. Brain drain can also be defined as the loss of the academic and technological labour force through the moving of human capital to more favourable geographic, economic, or professional environments. It is generally seen in the movement between MDCs. For this, countries suffering from it have to improvise their own socio-economic conditions and provide better salary scales and safe and healthy work conditions to their human capital. Brain Drain Essay — 5 words Introduction When a pool of learned and talented professionals especially doctors, engineers and those belonging to the financial sector leave their country of origin to seek better job opportunities in another country it is known as Brain Drain. Brain drain does more harm than is visible from an outer view. The nations that lose the talent in turn have to depend upon foreign assistance for technical purposes. As every individual strive to achieve better living conditions no one have right to criticize other for seeking betterment. As a result, in case of emergencies and more complex treatments or surgeries, people from such countries have to bear expensive travel and cost of treatment and accommodation in nations that provide these facilities. Concept of Free Lance, Self-employment and Non-conventional job is in primitive stage.

Here are a few ways to overcome the problem of geographic as well as organizational brain drain: Do Away with the Quota System In countries such as India, the talented lot suffer at the hands of the quota system.

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Examples of Brain Drain in the Developing World