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He was also a vocal patriot, which dovetailed with a general sense that his art evoked a mythic rural past embedded in the American psyche. It was on Kuerner's Hill in Chadds Ford that his father was hit by a passing train.

They were perversely independent and yet became reliant on others to take care of their basic needs: Wyeth on his wife, Betsy, and Christina on her brother, Alvaro. The Olson house has won comparisons to Monet's garden at Giverny because of the plethora of paintings and sketches it inspired.

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Wyeth remembered, "This crow in one of Karl's fields symbolized the nature and intimacy of the Pennsylvania landscape. It was filled with costumes and swords, and a lot of his original illustrations.

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He stated his belief that "the great danger of the Pyle school is picture-making. I think he was aware of the danger of getting too absorbed in details. Wyeth was inspired by Christina, who, crippled from undiagnosed Charcot—Marie—Tooth disease , a genetic polyneuropathy and unable to walk, spent most of her time at home. Andrew Wyeth was clearly in the figurative camp. Wyeth, who had summered in Maine for many years, met the spinster Olson and her bachelor brother, Alvaro, in To him she was a model of dignity who refused to use a wheelchair and preferred to live in squalor rather than be beholden to anyone. He studied art history on his own, admiring many masters of Renaissance and American painting, especially Winslow Homer. Compared with abstract artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, Wyeth was considered conservative, even reactionary. It amazes me, and its visual culture is endlessly creative. It's soul. Wyeth painted each blade of grass, a mechanical kind of realism that was distinctive if only for going against the tide of abstraction. Wyeth was 22 when they first met, rakishly charming and movie-star handsome. His neighbor Karl Kuerner became a surrogate father figure to the artist, and the farm and the hill became a major source of inspiration for Wyeth's paintings over the next thirty years. But Wyeth asked his then year-old wife to sit in as a model for the head and torso. The walls, painted rather gesturally, suggest old, discolored plaster.

In the beginning, the practical and sociable Wyeth courted the public as potential customers. Wyeth was initially unhappy with Christina's World.

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