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This is why I ran thank-you ads for my store. You can easily create gifs using apps like:. However to run those same ads in the US you will need to raise the minimum age of your ad set to You can promote more brand awareness and top-of-funnel content to people who have viewed your video and show more mid-funnel or bottom-of-funnel content to people who have completed the videos.

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One of the reasons video and gif ads are more engaging is that they can help you tell a story, no matter how brief. Online style quiz example from Madison Reed. Carousel ads - We review each image within the ad to see if they all comply with our image text guidelines. This is a good targeting strategy when you know where your potential customers spend their time on Facebook. Source So what does this mean for you? The types of Facebook ads mentioned in this article can be a foundation for you to build your business's long-term social media marketing strategy. Be specific with each ad. Something they should have been striving for anyway. He never said he would or could for that matter do anything to help me account-wide or to prevent it from happening again. Otherwise, you are sure to make the mistake of choosing the wrong one. Length of your Campaign — The longer you run your ads, the more your overall frequency will go up. You can also set up specific ads based on actions that Facebook users have taken on your website.

Showcase this value as soon as possible. Cubcoats does this to show how their product works and to introduce the problem they solve.

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This new audience will contain Facebook users who most closely match your existing customers, making them easier to target. Target new customers similar to existing customers by creating a Lookalike Audience. Retargeting — A retargeting audience of people who are familiar with your product or service may be more forgiving of seeing your ad more often than a cold audience.

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In , the average engagement rate for a brand was a mere 0. But man does it get frustrating and kinda funny sometimes. The problem is that a lot of advertisers hastily choose low-quality images and then paste them into ads without giving it any thought. But Facebook lets you take it a step further as well, helping you retarget individuals who previously engaged with your videos. Use them to walk customers down the sales funnel. Power Editor was just stuck and no matter how many times I tried uploading the image, the preview just stayed blank. New traffic generation ads Retargeting is great, but unless you're driving high-quality traffic to your site, it won't be very effective. Consider closed captioning , which, according to Instapage, can increase viewership. Spending limit reached. Either use the Performance and Clicks columns or customize your columns to add in Frequency. Sequence Your Ads to Guide Customers Through the Funnel Sequencing your ads slowly introduces customers to your brand and is one of the best strategies for optimizing your sales and marketing funnel ads.
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6 Facebook Ad Types for Customer Acquisition and Retention