The physical social and economic consequences of drug consumption

However, the data that are required for empirical study of drug use dynamics and their dependence on prices and other costs of drug use are not available to researchers.

Tolerance and dependence-withdrawal following chronic use; intense craving; nicotine addiction. Nicotine Produces mild CNS and cardiovascular stimulation.

If the consumer is foresighted, then current consumption also depends on future consumption Becker et al. Further, the lucrative nature of drug trafficking fuels crime as rival drug gangs fight for control of the traffic.

The representative consumer assumption cannot account for differences between the consumption patterns of casual and heavy users of cocaine. Depressants, by contrast, impair mental and physical functions, and slow neural activity in the brain.

This situation had dramatic effects on public health, particularly mental health loss of self-esteem, anxiety, depressionincreasing the prevalence of risky behaviors, such as drugs and alcohol abuse.

Stigma: notes on the management of spoiled identity. Risk factors are conditions and processes that, when present, signal an increased likelihood that individuals will develop a behavior or a health-related condition Garmezy, The accuracy of participation and frequency of use as proxies for quantity consumed is unknown see Chapter 3 for further discussion of quantity data.

Tolerance and dependence withdrawal following chronic use; intense craving; addiction. Human infants exposed to cocaine prenatally have exhibited increased norepinephrine and dopamine metabolite levels in cerebrospinal fluid and blood in early infancy Mirochnick et al.

social effects of drugs on society
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Economic and sociocultural poverty in drug abuse: from individual to sociopolitical responsibility