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So many Hs, so many As. Pascal immediately advised Rogen, Goldberg, and Franco about it, and she stayed in contact with them on an hourly basis. The intruders exfiltrated personal data — including in many cases detailed security clearance information and fingerprint data. Rogen and Goldberg remained publicly silent but were privately devastated. I need to tell everyone else! To make sure nothing could be recovered, the attackers had even added a little extra poison: a special deleting algorithm that overwrote the data seven different ways. Michael Hiltzik , a Los Angeles Times journalist, said that all evidence against North Korea was "circumstantial" and that some cybersecurity experts were "skeptical" about attributing the attack to the North Koreans. A war of words has since escalated, with North Korea denying involvement in the hacks and threatening the White House and Pentagon should the U. In November , federal authorities indicted four men, charging them with the JP Morgan hack plus other financial institutions. He urged employees not to read the anticipated next waves of emails, lest they turn on one another. We are perfect as much [sic]. They want to bring down systems. Since Sony and a consortium of investors purchased MGM, in , its films have earned Academy Award nominations, 10 of them for best picture.

Remember the 11th of September What happened at Sony stands as a landmark event. The graduate is then prepared for one thing when it comes to the U. The volume of the data is under Terabytes. It was the largest security breach of its kind to ever hit console gamers, and an event with huge repercussions for PlayStation - both in the short term for its users, left for weeks without access to online services, and longer term as Sony sought to win back customer trust.

At the height of the hack, the vociferous Scott Rudin—whose e-mails are famously so Shakespearean, a friend says, that Rudin has received an offer to publish them—called Michael Lynton. Morgan JPMsuffering incursions for profit-oriented data theft or corporate espionage.

Lynton displayed flashes of anger and words of resolve — fighting spirit he had not shown publicly.

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The trouble started when a teaser trailer of the movie was released, in June. They assured us it would be released. Rogen was away; Goldberg was at his computer. More than a dozen F. Not one studio head, talent agent, movie, television, or music executive would sign his petition. Although Lynton lacked a Ph. For example, the FBI discovered that several Internet protocol IP addresses associated with known North Korean infrastructure communicated with IP addresses that were hardcoded into the data deletion malware used in this attack. They anticipate presenting alternative theories about the identity of the hackers in the documentary. Some shook his hand. Remember the 11th of September We have always had every desire to have the American public see this movie. Seth Rogen was perhaps her favorite. To make sure nothing could be recovered, the attackers had even added a little extra poison: a special deleting algorithm that overwrote the data seven different ways. Photo Illustration by Sean McCabe.

Pascal will remain on the lot as the head of her own production company. Watching the PSN hack unravel from the sidelines and seeing Sony pick up the pieces, I can't remember another event to affect so many gamers simultaneously and - at the time, at least - cause so many to worry for their own details' safety.

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Lynton met with Smithsonian board members on Jan. On Christmas Eve, Lynton went to lunch in the Sony commissary.

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An Exclusive Look at Sony’s Hacking Saga