The fire station essay

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In modern times, agencies such as the National Fire Protection Association have argued that these pose a safety hazard. Ancient Rome[ edit ] The earliest known firefighting service was formed in Ancient Rome by Marcus Egnatius Rufus who used his slaves to provide a free fire service.

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Many restorations and repairs were made to the building since the time of construction by different owners to fulfill their business needs. Station Fire Essay - Synopsis In West Warwick Rhode Island, on February 20th,during the performance of the band Great White, a fire broke out that eventually claimed the lives of people and injured an additional In major conflagrations long hooks with ropes were used to pull down buildings in the path of an approaching fire to create firebreaks.

Fishes live in water, and people live on land. Even if fire fighting is History of Firefighting: Historic Influence and Transgression words - 3 pages There have been many historic fires in the history, from the Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago in to the Station Nightclub in Rhode Island in A badge or This grants all men and women to be aware of the FDNY career opportunities which increases the visibility of the careers in firefighting and EMS.

What were the pre-fire conditions of the building housing The Station Nightclub?

The fire station essay

Some fire companies also host public activities at the fire station during events such as a "fire prevention week", and the facility may also be used for fund-raising by the "firemen's association", " fire buffs ", or "fire auxiliary". The most important equipment is however stored in the vehicle itself. As it ripped through the city it left people injured and houses demolished leaving people homeless and even death. In some places such as large US cities, it is common for the fire department to run the emergency medical services. Hugo is resourceful because he has been able to keep up with the clocks by sneaking around and going through the vents to get to clocks. The workers became truly desperate. The hours that fire fighters spend on duty at the fire station can take away from the amount of time a fire fighter can spend with his family as compared to some other jobs Hopke The museum emphasizes…. Warwick, RI, on February 20, Some threw themselves down the elevator shaft after the elevator stopped coming. The fire spread quickly. Some sites employ their own firefighters, such as airports and some factories.
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The Firefighters And The Fire Station