The breadth of cultural anthropology

how is anthropology useful in everyday life

But most people of the world are comfortable without chairs, and there is no evidence that chairs are a more healthful way of sitting. Today they are used by everyone, more often than not as a shelter against rain. Cultural configurations and integration Culture is an "integrated system," not a random assortment of quaint customs.

This becomes the source of "ethnocentrism," the tendency of people to judge other cultures by the values and assumptions of their own culture. For anthropologists, the history of their discipline has been one of unearthing layers of ethnocentrism at the observational, conceptual, and theoretical levels.

The relationship between ideas and behavior is complex. On the one hand, people do not always live up to their own ideals or to other people's expectations of them. Some anthropologists hold undergraduate degrees in other fields than anthropology and graduate degrees in anthropology.

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Cultural Anthropology