Surrogacy a viable sector of human

As Damelio and Sorensen argue, others have the autonomoy to accept jobs that compromise personal health.

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The risk of exploitation is compounded given the multi-million dollar industry that has grown as a result of the supply and demand scenario that has emerged Goodwin International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, 18 3—4— The stem cell debate continues: The buying and selling of eggs for research.

Gestational surrogacy is, no doubt, the more popular option. It is at this point that three further arguments are brought into play: that carrying a child is a uniquely invasive form of bodily labour, that it is a sacralized labour unlike any other and that it is, in some way, uniquely generative.

Very interestingly, many of the commissioning parents we interviewed were not foreigners but rather India's rising middle classes for whom surrogacy is becoming increasingly normalized.

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Global sex workers: Rights, resistance, and redefinition. The curious lives of surrogates.

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Whilst far from a cause for celebration, neither does this serve to make commercial surrogacy uniquely exploitative nor worthy of highly stylized disapprobation that these other, significantly more damaging, forms of labour rarely attract.

Commercial surrogacy is legal in some states such as California, illegal in others and is subject to different regulations everywhere.

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While the best interests of the child is an important principle in international private law thus far as related to child rights, an expanded conception of rights must include all three positions of vulnerability in the global surrogacy triad surrogate, child, and commissioning parent or parents with a strong emphasis on vulnerable women and the need to protect them without being paternalistic. Clinics have neither the need nor the desire to accept women for whom this would be a psychologically untenable journey. The exceptionality of gestational surrogacy must therefore rest on some other quality of the expended labour. It is, however, pertinent to question whether it is exploitative for the wealthy to take unfair advantage of these structural discrepancies in securing a service surrogacy for which they would elsewhere pay considerably more. In Baby markets: Money and the new politics of creating families pp. They are proud of their accomplishment, and glad that they could make such a difference in the lives of otherwise childless couples. Research and Practice Priorities Rigorous empirical research is needed on the long-term impact of global surrogacy arrangements on those involved in the surrogacy triad: surrogates, commissioning parents, and children. As Sussman and others have noted , p. The social life of things: Commodities in cultural perspective.
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