Supporting details in writing an essay worksheets

You will have to collect relevant facts from authentic sources. Building on the Main Idea — Read the list of topics provided. Supportive statements are all about details and those details are added using any of the five-human sense of perceptions.

Statistics When you are writing on a topic, it is always advisable to mention numbers. Make use of academic and professional words and phrases that your readers can easily understand. Essays with facts are more credible.

Answer Keys Here The basic goal of any writer is get a point across to their readers. Here you can mention your past experiences. Using facts in your essay would give a more professional look to it. Pillar of a Sentence — Below, write the letter of the supporting details which correspond to each main idea on the line.

main idea and supporting details examples

Alexander the Great — Choose the supporting details that apply, and write a paragraph on the lines below. Put a check mark next to any statement that develops the main idea. These details can either be simple descriptive statements, comparisons and contrasts, or persuasive arguments.

Building Solid Paragraphs — Education of the future will involve increasingly more technology than education does today. Try adding as much detail about an idea of element as you can by relating them to how the senses of a human being would receive those.

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Writing Supporting Details Worksheets