Significance of objects in the dolls

The Stove symbolizes Nora's emotional and physical warmth.

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Indeed, she tells Helmer that her life depends on it. Nora wears a multi-colored shawl during her rehearsal of the tarantella dance, and that symbolizes exuberance of life and her multiple dreams and desires. While woman were to stay home and care for their household, children, and ultimately to satisfy their husbands desires.

Thus the torn condition of the dress could be symbolic of the flawed condition of their marriage. Also the dress highlights another point. The torn and messed up condition of her fancy dress is parallel to her disgruntled condition.

Significance of objects in the dolls

That action also symbolically represents the modem late nineteenth century European woman's revolutionary step of seeking challenge, identity and dignity at the cost of some risk. The letter from Krogstad in the letter box forms the crux of the play. Symbols: Nora's fancy dress costume Torvald chooses Nora's fancy dress costume, a Neapolitan fisher-girl's dress that he had made for her in Capri. Both are not revealed until each look perfect. Actually there is no cause of doing so. The pretty, innocent, childlike ways, in which Nora used to mask her fraudulence, her deceit would soon be uncovered in front of Helmer and the ugly truth would emerge. This is the world of sexual fantasy, of Nora performing childish roles of squirrel, lark and others to keep Torvald infatuated with her innocence. Rank declares his love to her, she walks over the stove. The Tarantella The Tarantella was a wild southern Italian dance, generally danced by a couple or line of couples. This small incident also shows the strains in their marital relationship. In this controversial playwright, Ibsen portrays his Danish protagonist as an ignorant juvenile. When Dr Rank confesses his love for her, she is shocked out of her game.

As per the lines of the story, the playwright has emphasized greatly on the many objects that surround the characters in the play. Dress: everybody adored and praised Nora when she wore me… but alas! The removal of her dress mplies the unmasking of her pretense and coming face to face with her husband as a human being for the first time.

This may be symbolic of the flawed state of her marriage and of her feelings about it.

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Were we just ornaments to adorn the surroundings?

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A Doll's House: Metaphor Analysis