Sibling influence

research on sibling rivalry

Social Development ;5 3 Recchia HE, Howe, N. Consider how recommendations regarding one child might affect other children in the family.

How the differential treatment of siblings is linked with parent-child relationship quality.

Sibling influence

Child Development, DOI: Seven years older, she had it all figured out: sports, fashion, friends, boys, school. No, no. Annual Review of Psychology ; Constructing an understanding of mind: The development of children's social understanding within social interaction.

older sibling bad influence

Siblings: Love, envy, and understanding. McHale and Crouter have found that greater sex-typed differences occur in families who value traditional gender roles, such as girls learning arts and crafts while boys play competitive sports.

In: Boer F, Dunn J, eds. Online 18 Oct

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Siblings of Influence