Should good friends have a lot in common

When your friend's going through a divorce, show up.

things to have in common with friends

Going to a bar alone can seem intimidating, but if you support a sports team, find out where other fans go to watch the games. We discovered we had a lot in common during a pleasant conversation over lunch.

You may look around your friendship group and wonder how it is you all share the same sense of humour, or you all agree about certain things.

Common interests in friendship

What do you think? Is this a person I can trust? He's hardcore conservative. But having hundreds of online friends is not the same as having a close friend you can spend time with in person. You truly want the best for each other. Group it. A very close friend just marked her 50th birthday with a weekend of parties in New Orleans. Lots of other people feel just as uncomfortable about reaching out and making new friends as you do.

Do I feel secure, or do I feel like I have to watch what I say and do? Flexible: Life is easier when you have friends that can relax and go with the flow. Or is life too short to even bother at this point? Let us know in comments.

Should good friends have a lot in common

You're basically each other's biggest cheerleaders. But by working with the right therapist, you can explore ways to build trust in existing and future friendships. Being there, no matter what, even if you live hundreds of miles away. Not everything you try will lead to success but you can always learn from the experience and hopefully have some fun. Focus on others, not yourself. Now here we are 15 years later, and he lives halfway across the country from me. Thank you for writing! A lot of this is about the present: the ongoing, indestructible present moment, which creates a context around what remains in common today. Our friendships and frenemies page has advice for what you can do in this situation. You're honest enough to call each other out. You already have the college experience in common; bringing up old times makes for an easy conversation starter. You even send memes back and forth that you know will make the other person smile. Instead of beating yourself up, give yourself credit for trying and see what you can learn from the experience.

Considerate: When a friend really cares about you, they think about how the things they do and say will make you feel. A good friend does not require you to compromise your values, always agree with them, or disregard your own needs.

list down the things that are in common with your friend
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The 8 Things All Genuine Friendships Have In Common