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In Idaho, this only costs eleven dollars and seventy-five cents The demographic transition to an industrialized society is harmful to the environment.

is population control necessary argumentative essay

This paper focuses on the demographic situation and the problems of population growth. The last five to six decades have especially seen a tremendous growth in the human population.

Firstly, the policy is resulting in an excess of boys. Population control is actually a great crises that a lot of countries now a days have and try to solve it.

Essay on population growth and control

Another reason is the growing birth rate especially in the poor and developing countries. He thought "every mouth comes with two hands attached," and "An army of the people is invincible. Why is it Necessary to Control Population? The density of population in different parts of the world varies drastically owing to several reasons. In the Queeny family was devastated by the Great Chicago Fire, the buildings that his father owned and rented out were, of course, totally destroyed, thus ending the rather comfortable life of the Queeny family The reason being that: the secondary metabolites found in the active plants may be beneficial to both populations. Thus controlled population is the key to the success for every Country in the World. This results in low qualification and low chance of employment for children when they reach their working age. This issue is the essential topic to debate all over the world. Over Population: Causes, Effects and Solutions Over population means an increase in the number of people in an area than the number, the resources of that particular area can sustain.

Arzigul went into labor and ended up having her baby in December of This amount was equal to the amount Arzigul earned in a 6-month period Fatkulin. However, the impact from aid has not been proportionate to the amount of money donated.

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This issue is the essential topic to debate all over the world. More and more natural resources are being used to meet the demands of the people. Select Page Population Growth Essay In this 21st century the World is facing a major problem of overpopulation which has become equivalent to global crisis now. Political Environment Countries that enjoy a stable government and a healthy political environment are densely populated. It affects the growth in economy and industrial expansion. These countries attract immigrants from other countries there by populating the area. This policy was designed to reduce crowding and to maintain a stable economy. In the United States alone, there is one birth every eight seconds, one death every thirteen seconds, and one international migrant every thirty three seconds. With the high rate of population increase, the global population is expected to reach 9 billion by Nigeria, a country located in West Africa, is the sixth most populous country in the world with a total population of over million Rosenthal Use of contraceptives should be encouraged. The population of the regions where these industries are set up is thus becoming denser by the day.

The population in many parts of earth is increasing. Growth is limited by drought, disease, and food supply, rather than by family planning.

Population control argumentative essay

Because of the difference in rates of population growth between rich and poor nations. Is this type of control necessarily a good thing? The rate at which human beings are populating the earth and polluting it are some of the most important factors that face the global society today. It is essential that the world implement global population control policies such as family limitations. The initial intentions of this policy was to solely reduce consumption of scarce resources before the population growth became unsustainable. More consumption means more industry growth to cater that consumption. Increased Population Affects the Natural Resources This crisis is growing day by day and affecting completely our natural resources as more people results in more consumption of water, food, land, tree and also the fossil fuels badly impacting the environment in many ways. Controlled population growth is also required for growth of the economy of any country.

This results in the lack of obtaining education and because of this they cannot help the economy expand.

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Population control