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It will show how the entrepreneurs will get labor and through what main they will be able to gain capital to start this business. Make classic smoothies s 2. Jamaica Overview. There are also plans for internal growth. This practice can lower the health standards of the business, causing the Bureau of Standards to shut down operations which will impact the businesses financial status.

Suggest a flavor that you would like that is not mentioned above. Thirdly, the location is ideal since it has all the necessary social amenities such as water, electricity and bathroom which will keep business operations running.

Instructions: Please tick your preferred answer in the box and otherwise state. This industry takes raw products such as syrups, sugar and artificial flavors in the case of Smoothies and a combines them to create a finished product which is excellent smoothies.

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To avoid this, Mix-Up and Blenda will ensure that there is the proper disposal of waste, through keeping the surroundings of the business clean and having the garbage collected weekly by the National Solid Waste Management Authority.

Yes No 6. These persons are deserving of considerable credit.

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