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While autonomous motivation is associated with positive student outcomes such as deep learning, positive well-being and good performance, controlled motivation is associated with poor student outcomes such as exhaustion [ 67 ].

Medical schools should review the cost-effectiveness of their selection procedures. The M. The reasons for aspiring for the medical profession mainly pertain to autonomous motivation, specifically to scientific interest and helping people. Research on selection mainly focuses on predicting academic performance [ 4 ].

To reach the desired match between student and curriculum, medical schools could use this approach to their advantage by aligning the selection procedure with their curriculum. Abernethie, Amber Jean The University of Edinburgh, Topical inflammatory diseases are most commonly treated with glucocorticoids, such as hydrocortisone, which have debilitating side effects including a range of systemic metabolic side effects as well as local effects Students without parents in the medical profession may perceive their chances of success in selection to be lower than those with parents in the medical profession because they have fewer means to prepare for selection.

Efforts to further improve the academic success rates of medical students might be focused more on ensuring that students receive proper training during their six years of medical education rather than on selection.

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