Overfishing a global issue essay

Overfishing also leads to bycatch; catching of unwanted fish, which leads to millions of dead fish each year. Indeed, two philosophers, Thomas Pogge and Andrew Kuper, agree with this view that global institutions are more suited to prevent world poverty than NGOs.

As global warming occurs through out the world, the ocean waters will also start to get warmer, which is what is known as ocean warming. The impact of the increasing demand for fish and the advanced techniques made in the area of commercial fishing has caused some species of fish to be virtually extinct.

In reality, there are ample fishing grounds to sustain on the fishers demand on fishes.

effects of overfishing

Overfishing directly affects many people, especially developing countries. Causes of Overfishing Put simply, overfishing occurs when more fish are caught then are able to reproduce to repopulate.

To combat this problem area, new policies need to be put in place that use multiple strategies to combat the issue, use local resources as well as federal and state oversight, and have room to adapt to changing situations in our environment The great lakes is one of the most vast resources of freshwater in the world and it was being heavily polluted until people began to realize that it was necessary to preserve the lakes for our good, as well as the animals who used the water and surrounding resources for a habitat.

When humans started overfishing for the whale blubber it severely reduced and damaged the whole population of the sea life The second type examines the catch and the population growth rate Schaefers,

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Overfishing Essay