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Accessed April 19, PLOS Biology 13 6 ; doi. Cloward, R.

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New York: Free Press. Identity and the Natural Environment. Freeman, R. Understanding research misconduct: A comparative analysis of cases of professional wrongdoing. The science-fiction genre. Fraudster blog author outed and comes clean. What would you add to the list? Guidelines for Good Scientific Practice.

Cleaning up the paper trail. Stem-cell scientist found guilty of misconduct. Cockburn, and T.

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Enserink, M. This is also abbreviated at times to simply BIC, or butt in chair.

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Chopra, V. Ferrer-Negron, J. Fang, F. Publication and reporting of clinical trial results: Cross sectional analysis across academic medical centers. Ethics across the graduate engineering curriculum: An experiment in teaching and assessment. Weinstein, E. Levin, P. MS — Manuscript. Cressey, D. Folger, R. CHPS Consulting.

EPA Order Writers and readers both refer to the books they plan to read as their TBR pile or stack, or queue, or tower, as the case may be. Skidmore, C.

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Commission on Research Integrity. Research integrity and Misconduct. National Bureau of Economic Research. Contagion and differentiation in unethical behavior: The effect of one bad apple on the barrel. Moher, B. Accessed April 19, Situational crime prevention. Systematic review of the effectiveness of training programs in writing for scholarly publication, journal editing, and manuscript peer review protocol. Vander Wal. White hat bias: A threat to the integrity of scientific reporting. Davis, G. Martinson, and C. Settlement reached in misconduct case. Hendry, D. Forsaken pentaquark particle spotted at CERN.
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