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The performing arts — both the performer and the audience — are part of a collective that has as much a role to play as much as does the individual. The last line in Mahabharata says, that which is not stated in this epic does not exist in the universe. The logic, they say is that it interferes or adulterates the style.

That would probably cover almost all of the readership and yet I might find this the least satisfying personally. Anusha told me that she deplored the closed nature of the traditional dance world.

Because of their strong connection to their history and the fact that the dance expresses the life of the community through group dances versus individual or couple dances, I would classify it as a communal dance.

The nattuvannars, who were mostly men, could create items and combinations with their imagination and talent that brought out the intricacies of Bharatanatyam and strongly encouraged the dancer to explore the potential offered by her body.

The commentaries on the Natyashastra are known, dating from the sixth or seventh centuries. We judge multi-hour long movies through the min long trailers accompanying it.

Furthermore, social media just happens to be the tool, available in the right place at the right time, which amplifies the projection of our good life to folks around so we can feel validated by their attention.

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The principles underlying a classical dance form are both scientific and artistic, encompassing a total education and not just relegated to a physical level.

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