Mini cooper five forces

This report aims to analyse the current marketing communication activities for one of the most recognised brands in the UK and the world, MINI Cooper.

porters five forces summary

Bargaining Power of Buyers: The bargaining power of buyers is high. The main underlying purpose It still only serves as a guideline, but it delivers significant Our analysis shows the threat of substitutes on a scale to be a 5.

porters five forces

These also explain the factors such as pricing, features and models that are the key factors which influence the choice of the customers while purchasing a car. There is a fierce competition in the global market of the premium car segment and the extent of differentiation between vehicles of each individual brand is significant.

Mini cooper five forces

All the resources which are providing such knowledge to the customers are playing important role in increase negotiating power of the customers admin, It is important for the luxury automotive industry to realize this.

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