Midterm econ 303

When people were looking through my notebook they were very confused as to why I kept drawing the same graph. Battista had the longest, most boring lectures that you NEEDED to attend because if you didn't attend them you would have no idea what you were doing in the class.

econ 303 final exam

Her class was very very very boring to say the least. What are the tutors' qualifications? Includes a booklet. Aenean sollicitudin, lorem quis bibendum auci elit consequat ipsutis sem nibh id elit. Just don't take her if you can, you will regret it. How long is a crash course? Total number of students in course: Share:.

She does not try to trick you on her tests and she is open to students opinions; whenever we were having a midterm, she would ask the class if we would rather have short answer, multiple choice, or both her short answers are easier due to partial-credit given.

Call or text us at to book a session. This class is truly eye-opening, interesting, and hands-on.

Midterm econ 303

The online reading had nothing to do with the class, I don't think we had any questions on our midterm that had to do with it. She scared the living shit out of me to be perfectly honest. Pay now by credit card, or pay with cash at the door. This class is truly eye-opening, interesting, and hands-on. Usually when a class is boring you at least learn a lot, but all she does is ramble on and on about stuff no one in the lecture has any idea about. Our tutors can also help you with many classes that are not listed on our website. Also the Cerego homework was not helpful and you just had to memorize the answers to get it right. One guy raised his hand and asked a question and she took so long trying to explain in a way that made zero sense that he fell asleep when she asked him if he understood what she meant. She didn't even fully answer his question.

Pay now by credit card, or pay with cash at the door. So if you are looking to take this class as a GE take it with someone else!!

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