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Without common sense the mind is deteriorated.

lord of the flies essay symbolism

Please justify your answer making close reference to the text. Telling him that the evil lies within every human heart. It's more of a pessimistic view.

Similarly Piggy too represents civility. A good leadership can help a group perform better, where as a bad leadership could ultimately bring the group down. Through laws, structure, and general order, goodness then, for the most part will be the end product.

Your time is important. He explores the result of the absence of authority and order within a society. The ultimate dark figure, Jack, who hasn't even attempted the test, that is to be satisfied with one's dark lifestyle, shows how the journey of life presents us with the tasks and trials which we are tested upon.

Already we can see how the island is affecting Jack and turning him into a savage creature. Each character handles situations and conditions differently. When one is in the position of gaining self-knowledge, or materialistic amounts, we are faced with one of the greatest and most true tests of life, it is imperative that one takes the test, for you can not avoid the test by attempting to gain both.

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