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Internally, he was loathed for what he got away with: never attending meetings, refusing to learn new technologies, and consistently violating travel expense guidelines. Remember, it looks far weaker to ignore poor performance than it does to address it. Externally, you can minimize unfounded conjecture by being intentional in your communications about the exit and why it happened.

Firing someone is a decision rife with complexity and personal angst. Kyle offers a case in point. Equifax According to Equifax, when it comes to commercial credit reports information about accounts tradelines will be reported for up to 24 months, whether negative or not.

Public visibility. But you can do much greater damage to their career and reputation by allowing them to publicly struggle.

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Disclosure: Experian is an investor in, and partner of, Nav. Feeling guilty about a potential outcome that you have no control over helps no one. Internally, normalize difficult exits by letting your team know that moving on is a part of business.

A determination to fix others.

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In reality, however, the VP was years away from thriving in a role with such high demands. You should do everything you can to hire with rigorous standards and onboard effectively. One of his VPs of sales had missed his targets for the third consecutive quarter.

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