Julius caesar corruption in the government

In times past Jugurtha had been an ally of Rome, commanding a Berber force fighting in alliance with Rome in Spain. She returned to Egypt. With a weak central government, political corruption had spiraled out of control, and the status quo had been maintained by a corrupt aristocracy, which saw no need to change a system which had made all of its members quite rich.

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Originally it was an office which could only be held by plebians. Later Vercingetorix and his forces were encamped at another natural fortress at the city of Alesia, northwest of Dijon. The two main types of ruling characteristics that are expressed in this play are pragmatism and a man of principle.

This was the first consequential political office. To increase his own powers, he assumed the important magistrates, [2] and to weaken Rome's other political institutions, he instituted several additional reforms.

And finally, he wanted to knit together the entire Republic into a single cohesive unit.

Julius caesar corruption in the government

Having demonstrated his capabilities as a general in the Social War Sulla was duly elected as one the two consuls of the Roman Republic, the highest political office in the Republic. However before he left Rome Jugurtha arranged the assassination of a rival of his for the throne of Numidia. Caesar led an extravagant life, constantly purchasing exspensive and rare items. As a consequence Rome declared war on Jugurtha. Later Vercingetorix and his forces were encamped at another natural fortress at the city of Alesia, northwest of Dijon. Caesar sent a message to the Senate that he would accept an agreement that he and Pompey relinquish their commands at the same time. It was expected that the war against Jugurtha would be long and difficult. The Senate even sent someone to take command of the army which Sulla had been commanding. Caesar was to become a consul in the year Furthermore a successor to Caesar as governor of the two Gauls would not be considered until the beginning of the year 50 BCE. Author: Brandon Johnson. He himself would appoint the provincial governors and would be responsible for their honesty and competence. Between his crossing of the Rubicon River in 49 BC, and his assassination in 44 BC, Caesar established a new constitution, which was intended to accomplish three separate goals. For the Romans dictator was a temporary position given to someone to run the government until an election could be held and the subsequently elected official could take office.

Sulla supported that political grouping. Sulla sought to prevent this by enacting legislation that required laws which were to be considered by popular assemblies be first submitted to the Senate for debate.

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The Romans were arguably one of the most powerful civilizations in history, so how could a people of such greatness come to such ruin? Sulla journeyed to the adjacent kingdom which was in what is now north Morocco and convinced the king, Bocchus, to betray Jugurtha who was a refugee in the kingdom of Bocchus, who happened to be his father-in-law.

His life ended tragically when he was stabbed twenty three times by his political enemies. Jugurtha was the illegitimate son of a former king of Numidia, which roughly corresponded to what is now Algeria.

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Julius Caesar's Corruption Essay