Ielts academic writing bar chart vocabulary

The bar graph enumerates the money spent on different research projects while the column graph demonstrates the fund sources over a decade, commencing from To do this, you should group similar ideas together into paragraphs or sections.

Ielts process diagram vocabulary

We can see that It could be noticed that Here are five grammatical structures you can use to make comparisons. Although Finland initially had a lower rate, it outraced Sweden at the end of the period. The data suggest that Group the data together so that you have a well-organized and coherent answer. However, this is just a suggestion, not a requirement. In the body paragraphs, make sure that you show the connection between the pie charts and the graph or bar chart rather than just listing the data from each separately. Most Popular Resources.

For example, It can be seen from the chart that overall, was the best year for book sales in all five categories. Finally, remember that practice makes perfect. At the onset, it is clear that drinking in public and drink driving were the most common reasons for US citizens to be arrested in Example: 1.

Ielts academic writing bar chart vocabulary

The diagram shows employment rates among adults in four European countries from to Example : 1. Write introduction and General trend in the same paragraph. Getting back to the details It there is no time, we use present simple. Note that, some teachers prefer "The line graph demonstrates Incidentally, this sentence is exactly what you would say for your introduction! It is obvious The about the percentages of divorces in Finland and Sweden between and Choose the most important points to write about first. Ideally, you should describe key features. It is a good idea to divide your answer into two or three paragraphs so it is well organized. The supplied bar graph compares the number of male and female graduates in three developing countries while the table data presents the overall literacy rate in these countries.

Are we talking about something in the future? In sum, the most noticeable trend is…. The chart gives information about consumer expenditures on six products in four countries namely Germany, Italy, Britain and France.

ielts writing task 1 vocabulary for pie chart
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IELTS Bar chart: band 9 guide