Human needs and tendencies

natural tendencies

They want to know how the people and things in it compare to themselves, to understand where they fit in. It is the ability to put into reality what the imagination suggests.

As educators, we must give the child this experience through Montessori materials in language, math and science.

human tendencies montessori essay

As educators, we give the child the freedom to repeat an activity until it reaches a point of exactness. In a young child we first notice self-perfection through the act of self-control of sensory and motor by controlling urges and the will of the body to do what one wants it to do.

Once we become aware of these tendencies, we can encourage children to follow their own, inner motivations.

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Children who have been raised in environments prepared according to the human tendencies, tend to be secure, healthy, and happy children who pursue activities and life with little hesitation and a lot of energy.

Order helps us see relationships and how life fits together.

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Human Needs and Tendencies