How to write an acronym

Units of Measurement in.

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But there are several things to remember when doing so: Only abbreviate terms that appear four or more times in the paper. Typically, do not abbreviate geographic names and countries in text i.

Rules for spelling out acronyms

Do not abbreviate terms that appear fewer than three times after their first use. The class will run Mon. Consequently, "an" should be used. Larry Trask, American author of The Penguin Guide to Punctuation, states categorically that, in British English , "this tiresome and unnecessary practice is now obsolete. For example, the following sentence would be incorrect if included in the same paper: We used an SEM in our experiments. In such instances, possessive abbreviations are often forgone in favor of simple attributive usage for example, "the U. While using initialisms and acronyms correctly may help readers understand your work more easily, the incorrect use of initialisms and acronyms could turn your work into a mess. In American English, title abbreviations are followed by a period; in British English, the period is omitted.

The answer is YES. The "18 represents the 18 letters that come between the first and the last in "internationalization". If you need to use an indefinite article before an acronym or initialism, use the initial sound of the word not necessarily the initial letter guide your choice.

Don't forget about using articles Remember that many initialisms or acronyms still require articles i.

Do you include the in acronyms

Save text speak for text messages. Inconveniently long words used frequently in related contexts can be represented according to their letter count. Places U. What is an initialism? You should see the doctor when you have flu-like symptoms fever, chills, etc. United States U. It is pronounced as if it were a word. This is a convenience for readers for two reasons. Having a key at the start or end of the publication obviates skimming over the text searching for an earlier use to find the expansion. Occasionally, an acronym becomes so commonplace that it evolves into an ordinary word that people no longer think of as an acronym.

It is possible then to abbreviate this as "M's P".

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How to Use Acronyms in Academic Writing