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Many Help entries also have brief code examples that can help you. You add code to the class module to define the object's properties and methods.

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Sometimes it makes sense to use other ways to achieve your aims. It is helpful to think of Access macros as a simplified programming language in which you create code by building a list of actions to perform.

However, if you intend to share your database with other people by locating it on a file server, you might want to avoid using VBA for security considerations. Can I try AutoMacro before I buy? Calling one of the object methods causes the object to perform some action.

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These forums welcome posts from newer programmers and many of the experienced developers are glad to help. Although this tutorial discusses objects such as forms and controls as examples, the emphasis is on the technology of creating and using custom objects in your Access applications.

For example, the DAO 3. Figure 1.

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