How to write a journal article in 12 weeks

Finally, send your article out for submission.

writing your journal article in twelve weeks, second edition: a guide to academic publishing success

Because I find the 12 weeks approach similar to a quarter system when I teach manageable and doable. Day 5, reading relevant journals and writing query letters.

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On the first day, six students showed up, and three of them were desperate for advice on academic writing. Or a 12 week model for my students.

Day 2, evaluating your current Works Cited list.

Writing your journal article in 12 weeks 2nd edition

Your tasks Editing your article. It's a myth. Week Sending Your Article! As a novice writer in the academic sense, I found the book helpful for making sure one starts writing and keeps writing through to completion and submission. Edit your sentences Up to this point, the bulk of your writing has been revising the content of your article. Finally, send your article out for submission. Start by stating your argument simply, and then write a short list of evidence to support it. Days 3—4, evaluating academic journals. Day 3, writing and inserting your claims for significance. It can have a transformative effect on people's writing. He said, "That name doesn't represent anything about me," and decided to change it because he thought it would get him further in the game. Day 3, selecting a paper for revision. General instructionsUsing the print or electronic version. Day 5, getting feedback on and revising your abstract.

Give, get and use others' feedback. Your tasks Crafting an effective abstract. Types of scholarly texts: primary, original, or exhibit sources; scholarly or secondary literature; and derivative or tertiary documents.

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Q&A Wendy Belcher: How to write a journal article in 12 weeks