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Pile cartons no more than five high, pallets no more than three high. Offset papers contain about 6 percent moisture, she says, while digital papers have 4. Storage Tips Mohawk: Choose an area that's protected from extreme temperatures and humidity. Finally, equilibrating stock in the pressroom can further improve runability. Long-term storage of paper in a non-controlled environment is acceptable, provided that adequate time is available for proper temperature acclimation prior to opening. Boise: Most curl issues can be related to moisture levels of the air in the press room or not allowing paper that has been stored to acclimate to the pressroom environment. Also, even the best recycled paper may have higher dirt counts than its virgin counterparts. Temperature and humidity are critical factors in how paper performs in your equipment. Mohawk: Make sure you "air-up" paper prior to loading into your digital press. Here are some of their suggestions. Digital papers will save you money and headaches in the end by yielding better ink transfer and adhesion, fewer jams, increased uptime and less waste. If basic design principles are followed, problems are less likely to arise when it is time for folding and finishing, trimming and binding. Observers say these sheets may work well for simple black-and-white prints, but

Mohawk: Make sure you "air-up" paper prior to loading into your digital press. Print mottle can be a direct result of poor or inconstant formation. First, reams should be fanned when loaded into print trays.

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Cracking on Folds Wausau: A common concern with digital printing is cracking, especially on folded areas. The ream wrapper has an inner lining which guards against moisture absorption. After you have opened the ream, reseal the package with tape, if you are going to leave overnight. The Hammermill Paper Company said it planned to name its executive vice president, W. More even and consistent fiber formation will translate into better print quality. So, let the paper acclimate for a couple of days at least hours prior to binding, folding, shrink-wrapping, etc. McClelland, 51, said their new assignments were determined at least partly by their ages, since Mr. Mohawk: Make sure you "air-up" paper prior to loading into your digital press.

To achieve the best results, you should leave reams sealed in their original ream wrapper, in the shipping carton. A high quality digital sheet's surface will also have a smooth, silky feel.

If a sheet has been excessively dried out, it will become brittle. Using Recycled Paper Boise: Keep in mind that recycled paper may have different stiffness properties.

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