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Jolliness because, well, who wants to hang out all afternoon with someone who is less than jolly? Their shoes are fabulous and stylish, yet comfortable, and last forever. The exact date depends on the region. Seeing as the friends you choose are dependent on you, too, it is ultimately entirely dependent on you. In Italy, a holiday is not a reason to shop. It's not easy to find such a friend, though. The day after Christmas is another holiday. But there are lots of fun shops and eateries there too. Come on, Martha, you know your friends. Visit a fashion or photography museum. There are not only the high-end brands such as Gucci, Prada and Armani, but some even more local brands, such as Fausto Santini. Alicia Silverstone in Clueless … sometimes you've got to shop alone.

It isn't even on the list. In the spirit of brutal honesty, I'll be honest with you, Martha. Where to Shop on a Major Holiday If you need to shop on a major holiday when almost everything really is closed Christmas Day, August 15, Easter Sundayyou can count on the shopping gallery in Termini Train station.

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Display items with care. Selfless because, secretly, you want this shopping trip to be mainly about you and while you will graciously allow your friend to try on a couple of garments, if anyone is going to be spending the majority of the afternoon sitting outside changing rooms waiting for the other person, it will be her.

And yes, this is really where Romans come to shop.

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The station is of course open days a year, and is full of shops, many of which are also open, even on those holidays when the rest of Rome is shuttered.

You haven't met Mary Carlomagno, who says that until just a few years ago, shopping was her single biggest vice. Finally, look to your judgment about who you choose to bring on a shopping expedition.

Because as valued as the advice of friends always well, sometimes is, if you can't trust yourself, you can't really trust anyone. The upshot of this process: You'll know what you have in your current wardrobe and can begin to think of filling in any holes you find. If you're actively trying to curb your shopping, get your family and friends on your team. Their shoes are fabulous and stylish, yet comfortable, and last forever. You may also be interested my more specific Rome Shopping Guides:. And this is where we must turn to you, Martha. Piazza Campo Marzio Aside from the well-known brands of Prada, Gucci, Tods and Fratelli Rossetti, you will also find more special and local brands such as Fausto Santini shoes made of soft leather that fit like gloves. Those are the bones of your working wardrobe. But it has to be just before the sales start, and it cannot be a major brand such as Max Mara or Prada, who very strictly follow the rules. Keep in mind that stores do not give good real estate to unimpressive items. Don't shop in Rome without reading this! After many garage sales and donations, she pared down from three double closets and an armoire to one single closet.

They make beautiful clothes too but my faves are their shoes and bags. As for the friends, obviously the ideal friend you want for shopping excursions is a jolly, amenable, selfless and brutally honest one, which is not necessarily an easy combination to come by.

She had lived in the same apartment for 10 years — and hated it since the day she moved in — worked at the same job for eight years and in the same industry for 14 years.

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And this is where we must turn to you, Martha.

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