Expository writing activities high school

Some of the most memorable lessons have come from writing lessons in my middle grades classrooms throughout the years.

Think about what could be done to prevent both kinds of animal abuse. Explain why you think your plan will work. Provide students with a strategy for making choices with this activity on comparing two options.

How to Jump Rope 3.

expository writing examples

You will not regret it! Think about how you would do this. You have invited your two best friends to spend the afternoon at your home.

Model this by pointing out that one box might have more reasons than the others, but that they are all variations of the same idea. Write an essay describing how you feel when you wake up and discover snow on the ground outside — and school has been cancelled. Write an essay describing your first memory.

Students may have written this type of essay in the past and not even known it. Write an essay describing why this is a problem and telling how this problem might be solved.

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28 Expository Writing Prompts for Middle School