Ethics of animal research essay

The comparison is particularly true with respect to the number of chickens, turkeys, cows, pigs, and fish that are eaten.

Ethical dilemma of animal testing

EMBO reports. The question to debate is this: is any or all AR that involves seriously harming animals morally permissible? Responses were compared using Chi-square with Bonferonni correction. Gluck writes about his own ethical unease which eventually led him to abandon his work with animals and to argue that the existing system for reviewing and conducting animal research should be revised. The human moral community, for instance, is often characterized by a capacity to manipulate abstract concepts and by personal autonomy. But the argument is about whether the experiments are morally right or wrong. Many animal rights advocates argue similarly—that just because we are human is not sufficient grounds to declare animals less morally significant. One philosophical position actually accepts those consequences and argues that those humans have the exact same rights or lack of rights as non-human animals. Animal Rights Beliefs. For example bacteria , fruit flies, and plants would be preferred over mammals. Instead, it provides a recipe to understand incrementally the physical and biological processes in nature, which we can then apply to make this a better world by reducing suffering for humans and for other animals. John P. Animal testing is a growing concern because who is to say that these companies and corporations get tired or see new opportunities on testing their products in humans

This essay will agree that ethics hinder scientific research. Medical history is replete with such stories and their contribution to human health is undeniable.

For example bacteriafruit flies, and plants would be preferred over mammals.

animal testing ethical issues

And so if we want to continue with the arithmetic that we started in the section above, we need to put an additional, and different, factor on each side of the equation to deal with the different moral values of acts and omissions. Clinical research outline scientific investigation involving animal or human subjects helping translate basic research into new treatments that would be valuable to patients.

Since most animals do not have the cognitive capabilities of humans and also do not seem to possess full autonomy animals do not rationally choose to pursue specific life goalsthey are not included in the moral community.

It has been estimated that over million animals are used in the world for research each year. The surveys were done using the web-based tool REDCap, which allows anonymous survey responses to be collected or entered, and later downloaded into statistical software for analysis [ 28 ].

Animals that fall victim to the mercy of animal research are subject to experimentation for the purpose of manufacturing harmless products McKnight 2.

Ethics of animal research essay

Many animal rights advocates argue similarly—that just because we are human is not sufficient grounds to declare animals less morally significant. The first dog is female, starved and crawling on her belly towards the group of people. Finally, animal researchers did not agree to engage with this survey, with too few responses to report any data. The study was approved by the health research ethics board of the University of Alberta Pro , and return of the survey was considered consent to participate. When appropriate, anesthesia should be used; additionally, studies should have the earliest possible endpoints after which animals who will subsequently experience disease or suffering can be euthanized. Morton D. Instead, they are used to help decide whether a particular drug should be tested on people. These principles encouraged researchers to work to cut down the figure of animals utilized in experiments to the minimum considered necessary, refine or limit the pain and distress to which animals are exposed, and replace the use of animals with Should Animal Testing Be Ethical? Are animal experiments useful? Speaking of Research. There are many good reasons to justify animal research, which is the topic of this survey. For example, if many respondents have very different opinions about the moral permissibility of AR, this might lead to very different levels of support of AR, and thus have different implications for the actual practice of AR. Animal rights philosophy is distinct from proponents of animal welfare who argue that we must provide adequate conditions for animals in our care — a position held by the RSPCA among others. Nevertheless, AR is an ethical issue because animals are harmed in experimentation from such things as confinement, fear, pain, and early death [ 3 , 4 ].
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The Ethics of Animal Experimentation