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Ariely believes that people want to feel good about themselves, which is ego motivation, while also benefiting from cheating p.

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When one is learning, it is a key responsibility of this individual to do his or her best in order to attain the desired goals. In a rather knowledge-based society, most corporate employers require that their employees have an adequate amount of education Adkins et al.

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Student can be expelled from the university due to plagiarism. To be labeled as an academically dishonest student is like wearing a scarlet letter.

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However, interpretations of plagiarism vary depending on culture, time period, and setting Being grounded and getting toys taken away can be compared to a teacher who did take plagiarism seriously and wrote each student an office referral that led to detention or any type of suspension However, this will call for extra efforts from teachers, non-teaching staff and student bodies at large.

Honesty is one of the aspects that have seriously been neglected in schools, colleges and universities today.

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I must admit that this was never my intentions and the first time I have been faced with such a situation. Of the many issues that school systems around the country face, cheating is by far the most deeply ingrained and detrimental issue. Martial, a poet used it to mean literary thief. This type of misconduct still occurs today despite at times there being strict measures taken to avoid or prevent it. Any type of dishonesty in securing those credentials therefore invites serious sanctions, up to and including suspension and expulsion. Academic integrity helps students to understand precise standards and rules that help to avoid dishonesty. On the contrary, Stuber-McEwen et al. Cheating is commonly found in schools all over the country, even from prestigious school like Harvard and Duke. In modern times, everything is attached to digital technology and nothing works without it. This form of academic dishonesty usually consists of interrupting by the one person the work of the other people.
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Research Essay Sample: The Importance of Maintaining Academic Honesty