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He is caught between adolescence and adulthood searching for the meaning of his upper middle class suburban world of his parents.

While Benjamin suspects Mrs. On their first date, she is dressed in a white jacket with a light pink undershirt.

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He is alone at the bottom of the pool, and, at first, he resists, attempting to get out of the water. The ending of the film itself leaves the viewer feeling disconcerted. Often shot in close-up, Benjamin's facial expressions reveal his inner life and make the viewer feel a closeness with his situation.

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The movie stars Dustin Hoffman, as Benjamin Braddock, in his first and markedly most iconic role in a motion picture. It almost seems sad, if not for the refreshing realization that there are no longer faces pressing in on him, and the scene no longer feels hectic and overwhelming. What makes you cringe? As though being in the hospital is not bad enough, with hospital gowns gaping open in all the wrong places, invasive examinations and horrifying tests, some terminally ill patients are facing dehumanizing treatment from their physicians. Robinson, who happens to be the wife of his father's business partner and then finds himself falling in love with her teenage daughter, Elaine. Benjamin does not seem to be a part of the generation gap, but rather, completely excluded from all parts of society, unable to find a niche in his life where he truly belongs, even with those his own age. Robinson coax him into taking Elaine out. Robinson sabotaged the relationship and eventually the affair between Mrs. He became sort of emotionless indicating a certain sense of confusion and disorder. Adulthood and the future beckon, but he can only float, finding solace at the bottom of the pool water serves as a constant metaphor for separation and escape in the clutches of Mrs. Every case is different, but they are all treated with medication; sometimes over-medication. Robinson have gotten close, her daughter, Elaine, is a refreshing contrast for Benjamin. Where Benjamin is awkward and aimless, Carl is polished and prepared.

Robinson and Katharine Ross as the charming daughter of Mrs. Instead, it focused on the raw and realistic confusion that young adults feel, even today, when they are expected to suddenly enter into the impending world of adulthood.

This observation is to later be contradicted by the almost tourist-like outfits his father continues to don throughout the rest of the film.

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