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You usually need 3 things from a source: the main idea or argument presented, a sub argument or a sentence that is insightful, or evidence to support your arguments. Your only obligation is to further your argument. By propelling change in an array of local institutions, movement infrastructures had an enduring legacy in Mississippi.

Too much style A well-written, dramatic essay is much more memorable than one that fails to make an emotional impact on the reader.

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He counsels Ophelia to "marry a fool, for wise men know well enough what monsters you make of them"thus blaming her in advance for the sin of adultery. Understanding genre can take you only so far. Do assure your audience that you care about them and their time by writing a clear, organized, and concise essay.

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At any given point in your essays, you will want to leave yourself free to go wherever you need to in your source material. How do I write an abstract? This is best when you have a wider variety or personal choice on the topic. How are you going to catch and keep her attention?

What the dissertation does This dissertation examines the impacts of social movements through a multi-layered study of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement from its peak in the early s through the early s. Cut and paste: To create a first draft of an abstract of your own work, you can read through the entire paper and cut and paste sentences that capture key passages.

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