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It is a famous conceit of poets that they have the ability to "immortalize" in verse their lovers, for instance. The storm of passion lays bare and shews us the rich depths of the human soul: the whole of our existence, the sum total of our passions and pursuits, of that which we desire and that which we dread, is brought before us by contrast; the action and re-action are equal; the keenness of immediate suffering only gives us a more intense aspiration after, and a more intimate participation with the antagonist world of good makes us drink deeper of the cup of human life; tugs at the heart-strings; loosens the pressure about them; and calls the springs of thought and feeling into play with tenfold force. Even poetry that has been around for centuries has a new twist and can be considered modern now. As Mr. When Lear says of Edgar, "Nothing but his unkind daughters could have brought him to this;" what a bewildered amazement, what a wrench of the imagination, that cannot be brought to conceive of any other cause of misery than that which has bowed it down, and absorbs all other sorrow in its own! This is the universal law of imagination, "That if it would but apprehend some joy, It comprehends some bringer of that joy: Or in the night imagining some fear, How easy is each bush suppos'd a bear! Again, when he exclaims in the mad scene, "The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanche, and Sweetheart, see, they bark at me! Poetry can also help us appreciate the plenitude, brevity, and beauty of human life. Poems come in many forms from songs, ballads, and epics, to haikus. This author habitually unites the absolutely local and individual with the greatest wildness and mysticism. Dante was the father of modern poetry, and he may therefore claim a place in this connection.

It cannot be concealed, however, that the progress of knowledge and refinement has a tendency, to circumscribe the limits of the imagination, and to clip the wings of poetry. Comparisons are the logical break down our brain makes to connect the senses, also known as sense memory.

What zeal, what beauty, what truth of fiction! Main article: Rhyme scheme In many languages, including modern European languages and Arabic, poets use rhyme in set patterns as a structural element for specific poetic forms, such as balladssonnets and rhyming couplets.

She is interesting in her ruffles, in her gloves, her samplers, her aunts and uncles — she is interesting in all that is uninteresting. Growing up, students are advised by teachers how to analyze poetry.

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The lives and works of these four men indicate that there is no inherent conflict between military service and a love of poetry. His compositions, to have any meaning, must have some relation to the world of human beings and to nature. It describes the flowing, not the fixed. Othello's occupation's gone! We shape things according to our wishes and fancies, without poetry; but poetry is the most perfect language that can be found for those creations of the mind "which ecstasy is very cunning in. It is the undefined and uncommon that gives birth and scope to the imagination: we can only fancy what we do not know. A poem may be admirable because it grants us an insight into some truth about ourselves or the universe we inhabit. It is the perfect coincidence of the image and the words with the feeling we have, and of which we cannot get rid in any other way, that gives an instant "satisfaction to the thought. Some forms of poetry carry a consistent and well-defined rhyming scheme, such as the chant royal or the rubaiyat , while other poetic forms have variable rhyme schemes. Naturally, not every tradition nor every local or individual variation can be—or need be—included, but the article illustrates by examples of poetry ranging between nursery rhyme and epic. The poet's eye in a fine frenzy rolling, Doth glance from heav'n to earth, from earth to heav'n; And as imagination bodies forth The forms of things unknown, the poet's pen Turns them to shape, and gives to airy nothing A local habitation and a name. It is allowed that rhyme assists the memory; and a man of wit and shrewdness has been heard to say, that the only four good lines of poetry are the well-known ones which tell the number of days in the months of the year.

In addition to two or three alliterations, the odd-numbered lines had partial rhyme of consonants with dissimilar vowels, not necessarily at the beginning of the word; the even lines contained internal rhyme in set syllables not necessarily at the end of the word.

If his art is folly and madness, it is folly and madness at second hand. An iamb is a metrical foot consisting of two syllables.

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The Iliad does not cease to be poetry in a literal translation; and Addison's Campaign has been very properly denominated a Gazette in rhyme. Again, when he exclaims in the mad scene, "The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanche, and Sweetheart, see, they bark at me!

Nothing is a subject for poetry that admits of a dispute. Attempts to define poetry Poetry is the other way of using language.

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It comes home to the bosoms and businesses of men; for nothing but what so comes home to them in the most general and intelligible shape, can be a subject for poetry. He said that he had to keep a close watch over his thoughts when he was shaving in the morning, for if a line of poetry strayed into his memory, a shiver raced down his spine and his skin would bristle so that his razor ceased to act. But this last is the proper province of the imagination. That holds as true for poetry as it does for, say, love or electricity. Sooner or later it dawns on most poets that, happily, they have entered a vast, ongoing, and varied conversation that spans the centuries. Answer Q Owen expresses the themes of war through the unique power of poetry. Naturally, not every tradition nor every local or individual variation can be—or need be—included, but the article illustrates by examples of poetry ranging between nursery rhyme and epic. He is a feeling and a name that can never be destroyed in the minds of his readers. He does not place before us the objects by which that emotion has been excited; but he seizes on the attention, by shewing [36] us the effect they produce on his feelings; and his poetry accordingly gives the same thrilling and overwhelming sensation, which is caught by gazing on the face of a person who has seen some object of horror. The feeling of cheerless desolation, of the loss of the pith and sap of existence, of the annihilation of the substance, and the incorporating to the shadow of all things as in a mock-embrace, is here perfect. To comprehend the numerous implications of a ballad, perusers must analyze its words and expressing from the points of view of beat, sound, pictures, clear importance, and suggested meaning. Examples of such interlocking stanzas include, for example, the ghazal and the villanelle , where a refrain or, in the case of the villanelle, refrains is established in the first stanza which then repeats in subsequent stanzas. Burke observes, people flock to see a tragedy; but if there were a public execution in the next street, the theatre would very soon be empty.
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from “On Poetry in General” by William Hazlitt