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It includes learning, teaching, communication, creation and management Belloni, ; Peters, In this regard, for the authors, there is a need for studies that guide educational institutions and teachers so they can exploit the resources that only IT can provide and, consequently, improve teaching and management. The application of IT in e-learning has enabled possibilities that include, from the administrative to the pedagogical elements, expansion and management contexts Souza, Scalability is needed to attend to the large numbers of students, a fundamental characteristic of e-learning. In this regard, Learning Management Systems LMS allow communication and interaction between teachers and students in virtual spaces. The category includes Evaluation Forms to determine if a student has indeed assimilated the proposed content. According to Sobral and Peci , administration consists in the efficient and effective use of resources in an organization, so that its objectives can be achieved. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the available literature about the application of LMS technology for the e-learning management, seeking to present possibilities for researches in the field. The asterisk was used to allow the inclusion of papers that mention either "system" and "systems" and the Boolean operator "and" to refine the search. The analysis of the papers allowed to conclude that: 1 the most frequent research strategy was the quantitative; 2 survey was the most used research design; 3 the most frequent categories in the studied educational platforms belong to Instructional Resources and the less frequently ones belong to Interface and, 4 most of the studies are related to administrative function control; 5 LMS in e-learning management is still incipiently discussed in the literature. The study further contributes in a book with the title: Cases on managing e-learning: Development and implementation. Coutinho points out that several researchers and users have been devoted to investigate what the necessary elements for choosing an LMS are.

An e-learning system consists of all components and processes that operate when distance learning and teaching occurs Rosenberg, Elearning is now an established phenomenon in education and institutions are increasing their effort to offer greater flexibility, more personalized learning, and greater learner satisfaction.

The Didactic Resources category consists of tools that the environment offers to the teacher. Communication processes should be mapped and interaction should be encouraged Roque et al.

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The course was redesigned from a former traditional course format. It is about the formalization of an operational structure since that involves the development of the course design, the production of didactic materials or information sources and the definition of an evaluation system, including the establishment of operational mechanisms for the distribution of subjects, the availability of learning support services and the establishment of academic procedures.

The next section is devoted to the theoretical framework including the definition of Information Technology, LMS, LMS characteristics and e e-learning management.

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The educational management of e-learning also provides planning decisions, organization, direction and control, similar to those of regular education in higher education and also concerned with facilities, space, time, money, information and people. Therefore, we sought to conduct the inclusion and exclusion procedure in a rigorous and transparent manner, for the representativeness of the sample is an indicator of depth, quality and reliability of the final conclusions in an integrative review. According to Lonn and Teasley Learning Management Systems are web-based systems that enable teachers and students to share materials, to submit and return assignments and to communicate online. A3: This contribution outlines a blended learning course design for postgraduate dental students with emphasis on flexibility and location convenience. This thesis contributes to the field of e-learning by three main contributions A1-A3 : A1: A contribution utilizing blended learning with integration of multimedia instructions. A preliminary exploratory study was conducted in order to know the behavior and characteristics of the data. In the second step, the inclusion and exclusion criteria adopted were defined for the preparation of the review. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the available literature about the application of LMS for the e-learning management, seeking to present possibilities for research in the field. Furthermore, the use of an LMS requires careful studies particularly in relation to educational and financial aspects.

ABSTRACT Information Technology IT can be an important component for innovation as enables e-learning and it can provide conditions for an organization to be able to work with new businesses and improved processes.

The same authors state that the integrative review should follow some well-defined steps: Step 1: theme identification and research question selection, Step 2: establishment of inclusion and exclusion criteria, Step 3: identification of pre-selected and selected studies, Step 4: categorization of the selected studies, Step 5: analysis and interpretation of results and Step 6: presentation of the review and synthesis of knowledge.

Due to preliminary searches in the databases, we chose not to use the term "e-learning" in search expressions, not to overly restrict the results.

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The category includes Evaluation Forms to determine if a student has indeed assimilated the proposed content. The thesis contributes to the field of e-learning by the following main contributions.

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The content of A3 constitutes a paper that is submitted for journal publication. Full text not available in BORA due to publisher restrictions.

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