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Women that are embedded in this wave were confined to the rules of their husbands thus being docile bodies of the home Not only is he unable to please his wife, but also he is unable to experience spiritual satisfaction, and in the brief moment at the end where he does have a connection to God, his wife rids him of it Her relationship with MacArthur resulted in a pregnancy.

A lot of the times this message were convictions on the existing gender relations in society. A more apt description of romantic love could not be found. It is not used as a manner of self-loathing, nor is written in such a way so as to express missed opportunities but rather it is concocted in such a fashion that the author expresses a bitter outlook based on personal experience.

She was born on June 2, in Boston, Massachusetts.

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The views of Parker on romantic relationships is one based on innocence lost, a view filled with bitterness over the attitudes of men but strangely filled with hope since she never once indicates to truly despise relationships but rather indicates her displeasure at what causes their failure.

The two themes are conveyed in the narrative by the narrator who ultimately outlines a dissatisfaction with the cliched conventions of romance and courtship.

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Emphasizing how she is tired of the traditional rose and hints her admirer in breaking away from the perfect rose. She is known for using a mixture of humor, satire, and sarcasm in her poems.

Defender of human and civil rights.

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