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Whitman's poem "Song of Myself, No.

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Like Whitman himself, the woman enjoys observation and experiences sexual release through conjoining with other individuals. Once more, although both Whitman and Dickinson have many different feelings about death, they also share many similar feelings about it as well.

Although Walt Whitman's poetry is rather long and quite simple and Emily Dickinson's are often short and complex, the theme of death strongly ties their works together Although the two have some of the same views on things, their writing styles were drastically different. It was a way for writers to respond to or protest the general state of intellectualism and even spirituality. Even when authors such as Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Emily Dickinson navigate the American identity, their ideas, although similar in many respects, offer various nuances and perspectives on the topic. Compared to Dickinson's short and seemingly simple poems, Whitman's are long and often complex. He also wrote a lot about soldiers and war later in life. In this case, it is almost a pleasant experience, a comfortable resignation to what is inevitable.

Then he went slowly about his business, taking her along with him on his journey. Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were both authors and had a unique writing style.

Both poets broke free from the traditional styles with their own very distinctive techniques.

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Walt Whitman seems carefree and easy going, both in his life and his poems. In his poems he expresses the journey that is to live and to die. Works Cited Baym, Nina, gen.

Ultimately, he accepts it, yet does not. Poetry before Whitman and Dickinson had the diction and poetic form of the contemporary British models, but a movement towards a strictly American expression in writing started to appear in the s. Walt Whitman does not display any repression of eroticism in his poetry. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Get your price writers online American poets Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman are best known for their confessional works, in which they express their inner desires and urges. Any type of essay. They are regarded as the founders modern American poetry. Both poets wrote during the time of Romanticism, even though Whitman was Dickinson's senior by some eleven years. There are multiple dashes throughout the poem, which formalize the silence in what cannot be said to the self or to the lover. Whitman's poem "Song of Myself, No. While these writer's led drastically different lifestyles and had drastically different styles of writing, the messages they presented through their writing were often surprisingly similar.

Whereas Dickinson, due in part to the abbreviated, staccato nature of her lines, is much more limited. Both poets have portrayed death in their poetry as a relief, a salvation, or escape to a better place- another life There is plenty of room in his lines for such expression.

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Comparing the Works of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman Essay