Crime data comparison paper cja 314

Many times this is because these incidences may be perpetrated by family members as well as close friends. In the age of awareness in it is no longer a shameful secret one has to hide anymore.

Crime data comparison paper cja 314

The only way this report can remain accurate is if all crimes being commented are reported. I have lived most of my life in the outer area of Richmond County, located in Augusta, Georgia.

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The racial makeup breakdown is In addition, the factors that are affecting to the crime rate in such areas have also come under discussion. There is crime everywhere in all parts of the world; some areas are higher than others.

Our society relies heavily on statistical data to measure criminality and the effectiveness of the laws that govern society. The reported occurrences of rape in Crime Data Comparison Paper 3 Anaheim seem to average out about the same each year. As the number of people gradually increases, there is a possibility of an increased amount of several crimes that are committed.

Topic This paper explores the concept of cultivation theory and the way in which violent programming on television can instil fear and influence perceptions when it comes to experiencing crime in the community.

The population had a slight increase of 0. Even if the crime rate is only reduced by 3 occurrences within a year, quite frankly it is still lower number compared to the year before. The two largest cities found in Pennsylvania are Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Did Rates Change over time and why? Factors Affecting the Difference in Rate It is obvious that Philadelphia had a very significant change when studying the decrease in the amount of burglaries that are committed. As time evolved the rate and types of crime, it can either decrease or increase. This program was first used in created by the International Association of Chiefs of Police providing reliable crime statistics from their respective offices for the nation's records FBI, n. Whatever they are trying to accomplish, it is obvious that it is effective. Local law enforcement agencies report their yearly crime to the UCR. When we are able to compare the occurrences of offenses that are stated on the report and the area where it was reported, the rates of crime in states or cities are easier to determine. The population for Chatham County in was ,, which was a

Savannah recorded robberies, while Augusta had Finally it will look at the factors that might explain the differences in these rates Comparison of Crime Occurrences in two areas In choosing to compare to metropolitan cities the two chosen were Anaheim California and Phoenix Arizona.

The two metropolitan cities were fairly close in the larceny department, but it seems Augusta has more motor vehicle thefts than Savannah.

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CJA Week 1 Individual Assignment Crime Data Comparison