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Readings of published poems and writing exercises are also part of the course. For more information please contact your Program Coordinator. Our courses are designed for anyone from the aspiring short story writer to established novelist. Courses in the certificate program are largely asynchronous with some optional synchronous sessions to be scheduled by the instructors.

Additional Information For more information, please use the Online Learning Chat located at the bottom of this page. The first course will help you solidify your idea for a book, figure out your creative process, and develop a consistent writing habit.

Our particular interest will be in the form stories take, how they build structure, and the use of style as a tool of expression.

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You will be involved in the creation and construction of many narratives—most notably your own. Students create and refine poems; student writing is discussed in a workshop format and individual conferences. The Academic Planner outlines successfully completed courses to date, as well as courses that need to be completed in order to meet graduation requirements. For more information about financial obligations and tuition, visit the Tuition page. You will analyze and constructively evaluate peer writing. Assignments will include: participation lab, homework, workshop discussion, impromptu readings, oral presentation, attendance , collaborative group performance, final portfolio "book," and assigned texts. Advanced composition course or equivalent writing experience strongly recommended. Students should have some academic writing experience before beginning the Creative Writing post-baccalaureate certificate. Lectures, workshops, and individual conferences. Writing assignments include at least two stories developed and revised in a workshop format. Advanced composition class and strong basic writing skills highly recommended. The Certificate in Creative Writing is a 4-course, 4 c.

Lectures, workshops, and individual conferences. Notes Program Progression As per policy AA Program Progression and Graduation Requirements when students are admitted to a program, they are assigned to the Program of Study that aligns with their start date.

As you work on your novel, your work will be read, critiqued, and supported by a group of passionate instructors and peers, who will push you to the finish line.

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You have the option to enroll in individual courses without committing to the entire certificate, enjoying the flexibility and expertise offered by Penn LPS Online to suit your schedule and interests. Students analyze technique and form in works of various authors.

Creative writing certificate programs online

Notes Program Progression As per policy AA Program Progression and Graduation Requirements when students are admitted to a program, they are assigned to the Program of Study that aligns with their start date. We will divide our time between exercises and writing prompts, workshopping student stories, and discussing published pieces. This six-course series will show you the path from first glimmer to full manuscript. Enrol in this online College Certificate program and explore your writing potential in a practical, constructive and goal-oriented academic environment. If a student takes a break for two or more consecutive terms the Program of Study is reset to align with the current version when studies are resumed. The course builds on the premises, assignments, and goals of A, with focus on the writing of a longer work; students may enroll without having completed that course. Beginner Level. Each course is designed as a workshop in which you explore new ideas, tackle new writing tools, generate original insights and discover your own powers of expression. For questions related to fees, please call the Registrar's Office at By studying and writing with a consistent group of students who have similar commitment to their work, you will achieve a sense of connection to your peers and to their projects. Success Factors This program is well-suited for students who: Possess good written and oral communication skills. Visit the Cost of Attendance page for course tuition and fee rates. To receive updates about the program, add yourself to the Certificate Program mailing list.

Instructor's consent and confirmation of the prerequisite course or appropriate writing experience is required for enrollment in this course. For more information about our partners, see the FAQ below.

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