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Decide what information to include or exclude: Sort through the ideas you generated during your brainstorming session. Is this to inform others of information you collected? For the reader who trusts your judgment, possibly a client with whom you have a good relationship and who knows the background information Give conclusions, present the discussion, and introduce the recommendations.

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Is this document ready for infinite distribution? Letter Writing Workshop Workshop Description The workshop in writing business letters teaches the skills successful business writers use today to create letters that are clear, well organized, and effective. Capitalization, hyphenation, abbreviation, and use of italics and boldface 27 28 The Chicago Manual of Style One popular writing style guide is the Chicago Manual of Style. Like any road trip, your map is what guides you and keeps you on course. Judgments are often made about you and Leeds based on your written communication. Be conscious of the verb tenses you use when writing. The workshop will last from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the instructor's presentation. How does the audience feel about the topic?

Gina presented her proposal to the managers they approved it. What are you suggesting?

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For the reader who wants, and has time, to read all the details Give the reader conclusions, then recommendations, followed by the discussion.

Discussion topic: Has anyone ever received an or letter and not understood its purpose after reading it?

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Proofread every letter and space on the page, no matter where it falls. Pre-determined organization Flexible organization In drafting, you put your ideas into words on paper or a computer screen.

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