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For a quick case study, check out how Side Hustle Nation was able to multiply its traffic 25x in just 60 days using these Pinterest tactics.

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They focus on organic search traffic. Have you created a business plan for your blog?

travel blog business plan template

Your Own Product Selling your own product directly on your blog has the potential to earn you the most income per sale and gives you the most control. I will take a break for one month before I venture into another business again.

Step 3: Business model There are many business models you can choose from. Section 4: What result are they after? In fact, you are in a great place to reverse engineer the products you will sell. Organic Search Organic search includes any traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but Google is obviously the biggest player here.

Step 3: Get Targeted Traffic to Your Blog Without prospects coming through your virtual doors, how will you make sales? Pinch Of Yum got more than 4 million pageviews in November When you are an affiliate for a productyou recommend a product and then receive a commission each time someone purchases that product through one of your personalized affiliate links.

I have kept a reserve amount in my bank account should anything bad happen. And the reason I want to monetize my blog, my BIG goal, is to retire my parents.

Step 5: Analyze, tweak, and repeat.

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How to Create a Blog Business Plan (FREE PDF Included)