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I forgot about the West, acquired a taste for Tangyuan, and became fast friends with the kids in my neighborhood.

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In my very first week, I took the statement of a former high school classmate who had been charged with heroin possession. In other words, take the reader on the growth journey with you, rather than just describing it to them.

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Instead, I wanted instant mashed potatoes and Kraft mac and cheese. What makes you who you are, and what unique perspective can you add to the law school environment? The gym was the one place I could escape my own mind, where I could replace feelings of emptiness with the feeling of my heart pounding, lungs exploding, and blood flooding my muscles, where—with sweat pouring off my forehead and calloused palms clenched around cold steel—I could see clearly again. He was a football player from a different school who had a pierced ear and played the guitar. As I watched the barristers deliver their statements, it occurred to me that law and literature have some similarities: both are a form of criticism that depends on close reading, the synthesis of disparate intellectual frameworks, and careful argumentation. So is the fact that it has gone largely unregulated. Continue Reading.

One of the fundamental principles of weightlifting involves progressively overloading the muscles by taking them to complete failure, coming back, and performing past the point where you last failed, consistently making small increases over time.

They argued a lot, struggled for money, and seemed to work all hours of the day. By the end of the process, you should have a list of unique personal characteristics and experiences.

Law school personal statement essays

If you see an obvious and interesting growth trajectory, consider using this topic for your personal statement. Most law school personal statements say something about why the applicant wants to go to law school, so it's important to make your essay personal and unique to you. You might be surprised how often law school admissions folks get essays that reference the wrong school! The authors did not write toward an imagined idea of what an admissions officer might be looking for: they reckoned honestly with formative experiences. I am beyond tired of the silence. However, I am devoted to my home community. Perhaps one of your long-held beliefs was challenged by friendships you formed in college. Just as I once reconciled my Eastern and Western identities, I now seek to reconcile my love of literature with my desire to effect tangible change. Rowling to craft a great personal statement for your law school applications.

Did you fully respond to any given essay prompt? She was the only constant between these two worlds — flying me between Taiwan and America as she struggled to obtain a U.

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For my first assignment, I attended a hearing in the federal courthouse. Many law schools are most interested in why you want to pursue law, but not all. It started when I was thirteen and so excited to have my first real boyfriend.

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