Assignment 1 corporate crime

Answer The role of the justice system is to sentence the white collar offender according to the laid down laws and procedures. Answer Strengths in the efforts to enforce the regulations are the vast resources available to the enforcing authorities.

white collar crime cases in india

Question 9 How should contrepreneurial crime be punished? I will also discuss the roles of the U. First, we will define the four major categories of computer crimes. White collar crime, as a rule, is less visible than conventional crime. I selected Krispy Kreme. White collar crimes most of the times are intermingled with legitimate economic conduct posing difficulty in prosecuting of such crimes unlike the street offenders.

Question 2 What roles does the criminal justice system play in the control of white collar crime? Answer War crimes is the most serious as it causes gross harm to the citizens with little or no way of keeping it in check. Treanor reports that if banks fail, new criminal responsibilities are held by bankers.

Evasion of sales taxes Which of the following terms applies to illegal activities carried out by officials and politicians for direct personal gain?

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Corporate Crime Assignment Essay