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Relief The main structural relief features in Algeria were produced by the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates along the Mediterranean margin, giving the country its two geographic regions.

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The borders of modern Algeria were created by the French, whose colonization began in French invasion began on July 5. When this has little effect, a military expedition is prepared. The French in Algeria: A French army, landing in June , easily overpowers the forces of the dey. During the summer of about three quarters of the French colonists flee from Algeria to France, leaving only some , reduced by the end of the s to fewer than , He will resume the leadership of the nation only if he is given unrestricted powers for a period of six months and the authority to draft a new constitution for a fifth French republic. In response Bendjedid introduces, in , a new constitution in which no mention is made of socialism. An earthquake in caused severe damage in the zone between the Chenoua massif and Algiers, as did another in just east of Algiers. Scuffles with the police spark an impromptu uprising in which eighty-eight French settlers are killed. Meanwhile the Algerian economy is greatly helped by reserves of oil and gas found in the south. But Bendjedid and the party are taken by surprise by sudden widespread rioting in Only the northern Tell ranges, lying along the tectonic plate boundary, experience much seismic activity. To the south of the High Plateau and the plains of Constantine runs the Saharan Atlas, which is formed from a series of ranges oriented southwest to northeast. In , France invaded and occupied the coastal areas of Algeria, citing a diplomatic incident as casus belli. Within four years of the return of peace they are to have a free vote on three possible options for their future: full political integration with France; association with France as an independent entity; or complete secession as an independent nation. By the s the European population of Algeria is more than ,

Two of the generals surrender when the uprising fails. Each zone is covered by a vast sheet of sand dunes called an erg.

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Rise of Algerian nationalism and French resistance[ edit ] Main article: Nationalism and resistance in Algeria A new generation of Islamic leadership emerged in Algeria at the time of World War I and grew to maturity during the s and s.

He is promised a safe conduct to a Muslim country.

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In Abd-el-Kader proclaims a jihad, or holy war, against the Christian intruders. And as in similar situations elsewhere in the world, the generals always remain a threat in the background. The resulting triumvirate, in the autumn of , consists of Ahmed ben Bella who has spent the previous six years in a French gaol as premier, Houari Boumedienne as minister of defence and Muhammad Khidr as head of the party. But the ballot never takes place. Each zone is covered by a vast sheet of sand dunes called an erg. He formed his government without needing legislative approval and was responsible for the definition and direction of its policies. An earthquake in caused severe damage in the zone between the Chenoua massif and Algiers, as did another in just east of Algiers. The early leaders of Algerian nationalism see a solution in integration rather than separation. On 2 June the national assembly accepts his terms.

In September an attempt is made to assassinate de Gaulle. The army moved quickly and in force to crush the rebellion.

France controlled the entire country, but the traditional Muslim population in the rural areas remained separated from the modern economic infrastructure of the European community.

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Bouteflika immediately admits, in a new mood of openness, that the deaths in seven years of civil war have been not 26, the official government figure but- higher even than previous independent estimates.

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An introduction to modern Algerian history and politics : Algerian national cinema