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A full list of these incandescent moments would take too long to recount. Pinter directs our attention to the importance of what does not get said in arguments about meaning, for example in the following interchange between Jerry and Emma: Emma What do you mean by that? What makes you cringe? Spinks has written a book about betrayal, which Emma is reading in bed in the hotel room in Venice and which sparks off the conversation that brings about her confession of betrayal to Robert. All rights reserved. By providing all the identity-data we might wish for, the playwright seems to be mocking his audience that had been complaining so much about the inscrutability of his characters, while at the same time demonstrating that the mystery of the human personality remains, for all that, unchanged. Betrayal is a play that happens twice, once in front of your eyes, once in your head, when you revisit certain scenes to judge their proper weight.

There are the usual Pinter pauses and ellipses, stories within stories that bend back on themselves without telling you what you think you need to know as if people had reasons for doing the things they do.

Alison Bell as Emma, making the long, counter-intuitive journey from despair to hope, is perfect in every way.

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The first scene takes place after the affair has ended, in Perhaps we convince ourselves it is the truth, that our inability to declare it openly makes it a private truth. But from the perspective of memory, all stories are terminated processes viewed from the vantage point of the present, so that unfolding a series of events in reverse temporal order may be, experientially, the more natural procedure. This is truth as playwrights see it. To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays. The play reverses beginnings and endings. I try to look on them in quite a kindly way. In each of these he succeeds in dazzling us with a totally novel point of view. We used to have a damn good game. The network of relations is finely crafted: Pinter juggles around his three dramatis personae in all possible arrangements of the triangle, each betrayer becoming, in his turn, the betrayed. The seemingly trivial dialogue and the simplest of dramatic settings are thus manipulated by Pinter into a sophisticated game that discloses the real tensions and conflicts that are being played out beneath the placid surface. Nobody in the play seems to get particularly upset about it: sophisticated, Oxbridge graduates, upper middle-class, well-to-do and physically attractive, the characters accept betraying and being betrayed without too much fuss. Only suffering and awareness, in unequal degree. In Old Times the traditional ratio of male to female is reversed, so that there is only one man and two women, and the sexual battle is waged between the man and one of the women over the possession of the other woman.

In his presentation of this romantic triangle, Pinter is interested, as the title indicates, not so much in the love affair as in its complementary betrayal. When Emma responded? Stage action is only intelligible when presented forwards.

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Meanwhile our souls spoil in a waste of shame. It is up to the actors to bring all this out. The first scene is a meeting between Jerry and Emma, after the affair has ended. The final scene ends when the affair begins, in Emma exemplifies a woman living in a society in which the liberation of women has become a fait accompli. They have an instinct about each other; a kind of spark. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays. Yet from this simple premise comes forth a situation of unimaginable complexity. Familial and domestic as well as professional considerations have replaced the tragic and operatic single-minded passion that once nourished infidelity. The topic is thus generalized, ironized and turned upon itself.

Even such a basic analysis of the title already directs our attention to the relation between the style of the play and modern trends in art, such as abstract and conceptual painting. Manuscript notes and draft pages for Betrayal by Harold Pinter The tension in Betrayal is created not by what we know, but when we find out.

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